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Corporate Identity

Identity is all about the perceptional value of your business. It is not just about logos, emblems, and style, but includes the image of quality, reliability, in the eyes and mind of the consumer. Your brand image distinguishes your products from those of your competitors, and can make an advertising campaign more effective. Branding, in this context, includes everything from the visual effect and look of your business cards, logos, and stationery, to your website. People trust corporate images, and this psychology goes a long way in motivating purchasing decisions.

Corporate identity is equally important to both small businesses and large multinational corporations. Unfortunately, owners of small business ventures often fail to understand that branding can be crucial to their success, and tend to overlook the importance of branding. In fact, it may be even more crucial to small businesses than large corporations. It ensures a corporate feel, and instills faith in the minds of customers of your ability to provide what you promise.

The team of 360 Studio Red is proliferant in :

Mitigating the gap between your brand identity and brand image.

Appling sophisticated research and analysis techniques.

Providing an action plan unique to your company's branding.

Focused marketing plan for all levels and layers of communication.